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SEO 101: What attorneys need to know

As marketers, we’re responsible for staying on top of the latest online marketing trends.  The most important information you need to know is how to drive targeted traffic to your law firm’s website. This is where search engine optimisation (SEO) comes in. If you don’t know the first thing about SEO, have never heard of a meta description and wouldn’t know a targeted keyword if it fell through your office ceiling and hit you on the head, have no fear: today’s post was written just for…


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Charles Duhigg on the Power of Setting Smart Goals

As any inbound certified member of our community knows, setting SMART goals (that's Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) is the keystone managing (and measuring) highly productive sales and marketing teams.

Aligning these goals is what keeps marketing and sales teams in lock-step.

For example,…


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Social Beat & Facebook conduct Digital Marketing

Social Beat in partnership with Facebook India conducted the second edition of the Digital Marketing Masterclass. With a packed audience of 50, we had an insightful session on how to approach digital marketing to build a brand and to acquire quality sales or leads

From Facebook’s own research, users on average spent 3 hours on mobile per day that signifies that your consumer is on mobile for 3 hours and you have the opportunity of 3 hours to be in front of…


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B2B marketers

Econsultancy needs your help! We're undertaking a study into the best practices and pain-points of the account-based approach to customer acquistion and retention, and we'd like your input.

Are you familiar with account based marketing (ABM)? Do you have experience to share or questions you'd like answered? Please  to let us know if you're open to a short interview with one of our researchers.

Our aim is to line up perspectives from within the still-nascent ABM…


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Digital Marketing

Today’s time of Internet has opened the gateway of tremendous digital marketing opportunities for businesses. By utilizing different channels of digital marketing, businesses cannot just share their product and services online; additionally they can gain clients for their business, entice them and can convert them to boost their ROI. The speed and straightforwardness with which the digital media transmits data and support a business is astonishing.  In this Introduction to Digital Marketing…


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Data Center Predictions

Last year was certainly an interesting year in the  world, as we saw the ripple effects of the seemingly insatiable demand for cloud computing, emergence of edge computing, and growing interest in the Internet of Things, among other trends. Against this backdrop, I’ve been thinking about what we can expect for 2017 and have come up with a few predictions.

I don’t expect demand for cloud computing to subside, which means the Internet Giants will…


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Considering Edge Computing

IoT (Internet of Things) cloud-based platform solutions can be excessively slow, expensive and inefficient.  Due to bandwidth restrictions, by the time data from hundreds or thousands of IoT devices reach the cloud for processing, it’s often too late to act upon it. 

Cloud computing is not always efficient for data processing when the data is produced at the edge of the network, as is common in IoT  applications. Response times of a minute or less are crucial…


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How to Easily Double Your Traffic from Social Media

Many businesses are publishing content as a way to build their audiences and increase traffic to their websites. However, they may not be getting everything they could from each piece of content they create.

If you are serious about your content, then you also need to be serious about driving as much traffic to it (over social media) as possible. One great way to do this is to share your content on social media more than once. Sounds pretty simple, right? Let’s take a look at a…


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The Need for Speed! IoT & Edge Computing

A split of a second delay may loose the value of your data! Data that you have right now may not mean much after a minute, hour or a day. 

If we are spot on, then there are going to be around 25 billion connected devices in internet by 2020. The sensors are becoming cheap and more accessible. But the obstacles in using the data they produce still may exist beyond the initial days of the sensors widespread adoption.

The speed with which the data can be processed and…


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Does Social Media Help SEO?

The impact of social media on SEO has, and probably always will be, one of the most talked about topics in the search industry. Specifically, whether social media really helps your SEO efforts.

So does it?

Short answer: yes.

For the longer answer, however, you really should read the rest of this post.

Social media doesn’t help SEO in the way many people think it does.

Let’s answer this question by digging into some data, evidence from Google…


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The Social Element of Social Media

Social media has become a huge part of our lives, according to research by the  whilst some other studies maintain that teenagers view social accounts up to 100 times a day! There is no doubt the vast majority of the population has a social media account of some kind.

Recently, I have come across a few examples derisiveness towards the social element of these platforms and I want to challenge this. I have seen a huge tide of adverse…


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The lawyer’s guide to using LinkedIn as a marketing tool

The premier online professional networking and employment-oriented website, LinkedIn has more than 467 million accounts, 106 million of which are active. With those kinds of stats, there are many reasons why lawyers should use LinkedIn as a marketing tool, yet many lawyers we have spoken with are unsure about how they can promote their practice on LinkedIn.  So we have put together this guide to help you to maximise your LinkedIn presence, build awareness for your law practice and…


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How to Craft the Perfect Post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Managing a social media strategy is consistently challenging for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

There’s the art of uncovering when to post your content. Continually measuring your ROI and social analytics. And, of course, the constant demand for fresh, engaging content to be shared.

Added to that, each major social network has continued to diverge both in how they are set up and what your audiences expect on each one. Each different platform also has its own set of…


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Use Video in Your Social Media Marketing

As a social media marketer, adding video to your campaigns and engagement efforts is one of the most powerful and effective ways to generate more attention and reach your audience.

Just like copy, video needs to be engaging, interesting and unique to be effective. Make your video without a clear focus and viewers are likely to tune out. Make it with a clear goal and you’re far more likely to achieve your objectives.

Below, we’ve shared six ways that you can use video in your…


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Database Management

Trends come and go, but many new concepts for database management are not flavor-of-the-month fads but have staying power, as well as the power to transform organizations.

What are the current trends in database management and how can you best take advantage of them to benefit your organization? In a nutshell, the current trends we’ve found are:

The latest trends in database products are those that don’t purely embrace a single database structure, but instead, bridge SQL…


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The Trend of Mobile App Development For Business Growth

Being a Businessman, it is very important to keep a strong eye on your business productivity and growth. Living in the technological world requires walking up-to-date and trendy. Nowadays mobile apps are booming a lot and this is making entrepreneurs shake as everybody is in the race and want the top position. Only one can be in the first place and for this reason, everyone out there is working so hard to shine their business.

Building a solid Mobile App will take your business to the…


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It’s well known that communication is essential to an effective sales and marketing effort. But if you’re using separate tools to manage your marketing and sales, I’m afraid to tell you that you’re ‘old fashioned’. 

Yes communication is important but the real question is, how are your sales and marketing teams communicating? Is it effective? Is there a more efficient way to do this? Yes. It’s something we’ve focused on…


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Technology Trends for Small Business

What are the 2017 technology trends small and medium-sized businesses will need to adopt?

While such businesses will be dealing with a continuation of long-standing trends in the IT world, technologies may emerge or mature rapidly this year.

Some topics are not going away. Cybersecurity remains a perennial concern, but the nature of security is changing as different threat vectors emerge, especially the Internet of…


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Marketing Partner Differentiating Law Firms in a Crowded Landscape

It sounds simple to say that lawyers need to understand their clients’ business. But it’s surprising, said Ama Romaine, General Counsel for Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, how little outreach law firms actually do. When Romaine started in her position, none of her outside attorneys called her, even though she was approving their invoices. No one called to discuss her needs, or how she intended to run the department, or her business priorities.



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Animated product demo videos

Businesses have been producing videos from ages, we know them as Ads. In past 5 years businesses have invested in marketing themselves online and at the top of the pyramid video marketing is proving to have a huge impact. Product demo videos are used to showcase the key info about the product and its benefits.

For more information you can visit here: Animated product demo…


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