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Searching, sorting, finding, user friendlyness


This is a thread to cover necessary user enhancements to your forum. Right now it is lacking in user friendlyness and can benefit from some simple changes.

So, what I've seen in the forum is that when you go to:
Advanced search
-Search Single Content Type
--Additional Options
---Search in Forum(s)
That when you try to search through this list it is not alphabetized or sorted by any visible method, and the list is completely flat with no indents or spacer characters, so that when a subforum is part of a greater forum you cannot see this because the list is completely flat.

>>Please add spacer characters to indicate a sub-forum is present
>>Please alphabetize the list by parent forum name.

Please Help.
Thanks !

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
References :

-  Online Video Marketing Examples

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