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Hi everyone:

I started up a store selling semiprecious gems and stones via aliexpress several weeks ago and have been feeling things out since then.

I have had limited success with facebook advertising, and have definitely improved my understanding of my audience since I first started but have yet to make a sale, let alone get my traffic above unique 20 visitors a day.

I believe that I am selling a product that people want to buy, and have optimized my webpages to improve their search engine performance. I am in no rush and have virtually unlimited time to work on this project, but have a few questions for the forum:

Does any part of my site stand out to you in particular? In a good way or a bad way?
Do you feel as though there's an effective sales funnel? My visitors tend to average about two pages in before bouncing out.

I have a facebook page and intend to create resource content on a bi-weekly basis. Every niche is different, but have any of you had success posting your resources in social media interest groups?

Any other comments and questions would also be appreciated.

Thank You!!!

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