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Question regarding regional language restrictions


   I was really excited to find out more details about South Park Fractured But Whole during E3 and wanted to pre-order the game on Steam. BUT it is noted that "Purchases made in this region will only receive the Russian language." and I do NOT live in Russia.
My question is Why doesn't Ubisoft provide at least the option of playing the game in it's intended original language (ie English)? Especially since the game is so story heavy and a lot of the humour will be lost no matter how good the localization is (a lot of translations of games into the Russian language are subpar and ruin the experience).

I've seen Ubisoft do the same with their recent games like Rainbow 6 Siege. I do understand Ubi is probably doing this so that people from different regions won't buy games from regions where the price is lower. But in my opinion not offering the English version is restricting and close-minded.

Please Help.

Thanks !

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