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After the patch, Morphling becomes one of the worst hero, dropping like 8% of win rate despite being low at the first place. The pick rate however wasn't changed that much, which means people who used to play morphling no long know how to play morphling anymore.
I personally believe that icefrog is trying to create a morphling that plays as a utility hero, several changes can show this design.
1.Morph Ult changed. This new ulti is dramatically weaker for the carry as, why would you become other hero when you are a carry morphling. (Do you wish your carry getting so much resources and transfer to an axe during the fight? Believe me, axe is already one of the best to transfer) I might see a situation in which switching to Terrorblade or sniper can make you stronger as a carry, but most heroes don't work without their ulti and their specific item sets.
The replacement also dramatically weaken morphling farming and split push potential. Morphling used to be one of the worst hero to gank as there are just too many escapes. Split pushers like AM,ember and weaver, although hard to deal with, is as simple as "lock down and burst". But a morphling with a linken requires high coordination of your disable and your damage output, and sometime your entire team might not have enough. But without the ulti is a different story, now morph is just a tanky hero with a timewalk. It is now so much easier to deal with.

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