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How is your hoarded/unlisted stuff doing?


      As we are working on clearing out this apartment (only just begun) in preparation of moving to a new place, I have just been coming across so much hoarded stuff that is all oddball type items usually stuff that I get from book sales. I have a few old 50s and 60s western magazines, a bunch of valuable books which need to be repaired if I want to sell them, and also a whole bunch of yearbooks which are generally work about $35ish each. I actually should just do a haul video of these items since they are pretty cool. Aside from that I have a huge clothing hoard. Last year I had a huge clothing hoard of junk but this year as I have learned a ton about clothing, it's mostly high end and valuable stuff. Do you have a decent sized hoard going? I hope to start making some progress on it after the move.


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