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 However, from looking at the computer, it is clear that I only have one. It is a DVD-RW, which refers to drive D. When I put in a disc, such as "Encyclopedia Brittanica," I can see that something is loading because I hear the drive and there is a DVD icon that appears briefly next to the mouse pointer. But when I click on the drive under "My Computer," it does not show any files.

Also, I tried to use ImgBurn to put an .iso onto a DVD. I saw that it recognized the DVD drive and I could use ImgBurn to eject the disc, so I know the program recognized it. However, the program would try to recognize the disc and get all the way to 99%, then say that it could not recognize the medium.

Is there something wrong with the drive? Are there any other tests I can perform?

Please Help.
Thanks !

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